The technical systems that support creative endeavors are more complex than ever and only getting more so. From game engines, to lighting, to motors that lift heavy things - they all work differently and they all have work together to make a great product.

Rocketship enables a paradigm shift in the way designers think about creating experiences.
It allows design level thinking to interact directly with the technical systems and lets each department worry about making great things for Rocketship to pick from.

By creating an extensible integrated control platform, complex systems become centrally orchestrated through deep, bi-directional integration.

By centralizing and synchronizing communication across multi-medium systems, Rocketship revolutionizes the coordination of virtual and physical worlds.
Deep Integration
Monitor and manage multi-medium services from a single web browser. Rocketship provides a unified management experience through integrated access control of unique system workflows.
Scenes and Events
Compose a design intent that involves many systems. Create event-based sequences where systems are interconnected and interdependent on each other.
Available as a tool for event synchronization, Rocketship features a flexible tool for manual scheduling as well as procedural schedule generation, customizable to the user’s operational needs.
Service Inputs
Services provide Triggers
provide Streaming Input Data
Bind Triggers to Design Scenes and child Events
Bind Input Data to Scene Parameters
Trigger to Action Interrupts
Unified Control and Meaningful Integration
System-Specific plugins provide bi-directional integration
are orchestrated and sequenced in one place

Scene Composer
Visualize the available targets for the Space
Send Actions to Targets to affect their state
Compose a Design Intent that involves many Systems
Combine Actions into synchronous Events
Guide schedule generation with constraints
Apply constraints for certain time spans for granular control
Lock in edits to the generated schedule
Watch as the schedule regenerates based on your edits
Trustworthy Service degradation notifications
Alerts provide operators an opportunity to intervene and direct the Fail-over process
Highly communicated alerts (email*, SMS*, full-screen red flashing lights)
Scope depends on Service Inputs & Aquilon Scopes
Step out of the fray and into your own serene meadow of data visualization
Supply Target routing overrides to preview scheduled data on alternate hardware
Optionally link Session state to Live state for automatic look-ahead
Proof of Play
Live Updating Report of Play-out
Reported by Plugins for highest data accuracy
Telemitry UI for success and failure
Sensible Data Export Options
Auto Report Delivery
Service Development
PLUGIN: Navigator
PLUGIN: Disguise
PLUGIN: Pixera
PLUGIN: Aquilon
PLUGIN: Aquilon
PLUGIN: Unreal Engine



Hosting the most pixels in the world at one address, Outernet's 5 main spaces are continuously managed with Rocketship, displaying realtime content from artists and sponsors 24/7